About the Xanthus Group

The Xanthus Group, formed of Xanthus Servisní a.s., Aremic s.r.o., and ELITRONIC s.r.o., has at its disposal a production capacity of 150 fully qualified staff members, two fully automated and two semi-automated production lines for mounting and welding of parts. Thanks to our other machinery and technological equipment immediately linked to the production of electronics, we can provide our customers with comprehensive services. We are able to fulfil the most demanding requirements even in small production series.

Our companies supply, for instance, low-voltage technologies for the Prison Service of the Czech Republic, the Police of the Czech Republic, the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, and Třinecké železárny (Třinec Iron and Steel Works). Our top clients also include, among others, Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy (Prague Public Transit Company), Škoda Transportation, and the Václav Havel International Airport.

At Aremic s.r.o., which together with Xanthus Servisní a.s. and ELITRONIC s.r.o. forms the Xanthus Group, we engage in the development, production, installation and servicing of low-voltage devices. Our domain of expertise comprises guarding and security systems, access and attendance systems, intercoms, videointercoms, telephone exchanges, home automation and control systems for heating systems. We also provide security services from the central security desk to physical security guards. Long-term experience in the given field enables us to offer tried, tested and true technologies of the highest standard, including guaranteed prompt and reliable maintenance and servicing.

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At Xanthus Servisní a.s. we specialise namely in supply projects of higher technological units and investment programmes. Together with Aremic s.r.o. and ELITRONIC s.r.o. we are a member of the Xanthus Group. There are 150 qualified employees along with production and development capacities at our disposal together with several up-to-date automated production lines for mounting and welding of electronic parts. Besides the implementation of our original custom-made systems, we also provide installations of security, camera, access and sound systems, and also telephone as well as computer networks.

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Together with Aremic s.r.o. and Xanthus Servisní a.s. we are a member of the Xanthus Group. We offer comprehensive services in the area of the development and production of electrical and electronic systems. We have rich and long-standing experience in the area of printed circuits production technologies. We can provide services starting from the development, design, and production of electronic and electric devices, and ending with final assembly and completion, including functional tests.

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